You either control your mind, or it controls you.



After two years of pandemic, you have been forced to adapt your processes and operations. Your employees, on the other hand, have seen their lives radically turned upside down, and have found themselves partly at home, in an environment not intended to work.

In addition to the frustrations, the feeling of loneliness and the discomfort that this can cause for some, the pandemic has deeply affected their morale. it is important to keep your employees motivated, happy and fulfilled so that they maintain their level of productivity.




Each employee has their own blockages, and comes to work with their emotional baggage and limiting beliefs. The individuality of each makes it difficult to provide individual coaching.

Fortunately, the brains and the unconscious generally all work in the same way with defense mechanisms, automatism etc.


How to handle frustration ?


How to stay efficient ?


Team work, relationships, healthy co-worker relationships, hierarchy...


How to be confident while selling, and developing negotiation skills ?


How to stay motivated and passionate about their jobs ?


How to increase productivity ?


Mindset & Business Mentor, I support companies to develop the well-being and results of their employees.

Trained by the best international coaches (Tony Robbins, Brooke Castillo...), my approach combines neuroscience, NLP and leadership in order to boost the productivity and well-being of your employees.

With 10 years of experience in international marketing and communication departments, I know the issues encountered by employees and employers.

"Laura was able to target our needs and identify our employees' blockages in the act of selling, by proposing adapted solutions and alternatives. Very pleasant and dynamic, thank you very much!".

Florence - Expedia Group

"Laura is extraordinary. She knows the mechanisms of the unconscious and thwarts its pitfalls with kindness and good humor. I feel much more confident today."

Aurelien - F Collective


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